Bernadette Vassallo

Born on the 30th May 1985, Bernadette has been playing waterpolo since 2016 and has always played with San Giljan. She recently retired from playing handball for over 20 years and is now focusing more on waterpolo and netball as she loves to remain active! Reading books is also one of her hobbies and also has a passion for marine life and law. Watching movies and listening to good music are hobbies which help Bernadette unwind.
A Message from Bernadette: ‘For Women’s waterpolo to grow, investment should be ongoing not only in terms of material things but also through players and coaches that play at higher levels. Experiencing water polo abroad also helps to improve the game. Investing in a ladies’ nursery is important to invest in the future. ‘

Chloe Vassallo

Born on the 20th January 2002, Chloe started playing waterpolo with Exiles at the beginning of 2019 season, then signed with San Giljan early summer of the same year. She previously practised Taekwondo for 12 years but stopped in 2019 for a new challenge. Chloe is also a fan of football other than following waterpolo leagues. Out of the water she enjoys Netflix, walks in nature, swimming and going out with friends.
A message from Chloe: My advice to San Giljan supporters is to aspire to play freely as one, it takes effort every day in order to achieve what you want. It is important to stay positive in order to feel the joy from the way we all play together, as a team and as one family. As for the ladies, even though the sports field is mostly male-dominated,  it is important to believe in yourself. You can do more than you think, don’t let others define your worth.  Keep going, its good to test yourself and see yourself improve, you are learning to set a goal, keep going until you achieve it #VSG

Daryl Azzopardi

Born on the 27th September 1998, Daryl has played waterpolo on and off since 2014, previously playing with Neptunes – winning League and Knockout in 2014. She gave her full input again in 2018 when she joined with San Giljan. Over the years, Daryl participated in number of sports such as athletics, gymnastics and basketball ! She now practices both Handball and Waterpolo. Outside the water, Daryl loves Baking, Watching series, Travelling and trying out different food!
A message from Daryl: I’d like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all who have supported us throughout the years and helped us grow not only as athletes but as the team we have become #VSG

Janice Caruana

Born on the 19th March 1996, Janice started playing waterpolo in 2015 at University in England. She previously played with Lancaster University Swimming & Water Polo Club, and Neptunes locally. Janice has always been active! She started swimming at a young age and continued training competitively until the age of 16. During university she decided to try water polo as a sport. Over the course of her attendance at university she got the opportunity to play for their team in several regional leagues.
Janice’s hobbies are swimming and training, but outside of the water she loves to chill hang out with the team.
A message from Janice: I would like to thank the Club and supporters for the constant investment in the club and the ladies team. Can’t wait for everything to normalise and to get back to training with this amazing group of girls #VSG

Keira Agius

Born on the 18th April 2000, Keira has been playing water polo since 2015. She previously played for Neptunes WPSC before joining San Giljan. Through the years, Keira also practiced Basketball and swimming. She now focuses on Waterpolo as her main sport, working side by side with one of her hobbies which includes keeping fit. Another hobby Keira has is to aim to travel around the world!

A Message from Keira: I would like to thank the continuous support and dedication the supporters have shown us as the women’s team, thanks to them our motivation is always rising each and every game we play. I hope that women’s waterpolo in Malta will be recognized more each and every year in order for us to be able to make history in itself.

Kim Ambrogio

Born on the 8th September 1998, Kim started playing waterpolo in 2017. She has always played with San Giljan, winning 2 medals from previous tournaments, placing 2nd in the summer league in 2018 and came 3rd in another category too.

Kim played basketball during her scholastic years for a total of 9 years and has been playing handball for the past 5 years which she still practices till today. Outside of the pool and court, more of Kim’s hobbies include painting, dancing, meeting up with friends, reading, listening to music.
A Message from Kim: I want to say that we are training hard to be the best, we appreciate every help we can get. I want people to believe in us, especially our members and supporters. Hearing comments that waterpolo isn’t for women makes us strive to make female waterpolo an important sport like other sports in Malta. Obviously, men are stronger and faster, but we are training hard to make San Giljan proud! I would appreciate us to be acknowledged as the same level in men’s teams in this sector around the island – because if we have a thing to work with, we will do our duty to succeed.

Laura Galea

Born on the 23rd March 2000, Laura has been playing waterpolo since 2015 and has always played for San Giljan, bringing home a knockout runners’ up in 2018. In previous years, as an alternate sport, Laura also played football for Floriana FC for around 4 years. Out of the water, Laura likes to relax in her free time, watch movies, and bake some goodies!
A message from Laura : I would like to thank you for all the support you give us throughout the whole year, we won’t do anything without the constant support you all give us. Each and every one of you supporters, are our motivation and determination to keep representing our club we truly love in the best way we can. We will promise to give out 100% to make all of you proud, and our hard work pays off! #VSG

Lucretia Hili

Born on the 3rd August 1993, Lucretia has been playing waterpolo since 2017. The first club she joined was San Giljan and has been with us ever since, bringing home a knockout runners’ up in 2018 and Player of the match in 2019.  Alongside waterpolo Lucretia has been playing netball for the past 12 years, and also coaches in this sport. Outside the pool, she enjoys working at the gym and helping others reach their fitness goals.
A message from Lucretia : “First and foremost, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the committee of St. Julian’s for trusting and believing in us as a team. They invested in the team by providing more training sessions and gym sessions under good coaches which help us improve individually and as a team. This has brought the team closer together, one which we call family. We urge our supporters to follow up on our achievements, this will help us grow as a team and as a club which I am glad to be part of. #VSG”

Maria Attard

Profile – Works in Progress !

Michela Bonello Ghio

Born on the 30th September 2002, Michela has been playing waterpolo since 2015. She previously played with Neptunes before joining San Giljan in 2017. Another side hobby for Michela is football, and she currently practices this sport with Raiders Gharghur FC.
Out of the water, Michela follows football & waterpolo leagues and loves swimming in her free time!
A message from Michela: I hope to see women’s water polo and women’s sports in general to grow in teams, support and gain more recognition #VSG

Rhea Cutajar – Team Captain

Born on the 17th July 1994, Rhea has been playing waterpolo since 2013. She previously played with Neptunes for 5 years, winning League and KO in 2013 and 2014, before joining San Giljan at the beginning of our 2018 season. Rhea started swimming at a very young age which lead her to love competitive swimming. She stopped racing competitively in 2010 but still kept attending training, until female waterpolo started in Malta, which she fell in love with!
A message from Rhea: Let’s all stay united and keep working for the same goal! I really hope that woman’s waterpolo keeps moving forward onto the next level and this will happen if we unite on the same goal. We have made big progress along the years, let’s keep on with this momentum! #VSG

Sara Bonello Ghio

Born on the 30th September 2002, Sara started playing waterpolo in 2018. She started her career with Neptunes and is currently on loan with San Giljan. Another side hobby for Sara is football ! She has been practicing this sport since she was 9 years old and is currently a team member with Raiders Gharghur FC.  In earlier days, she used to play basketball but had to stop to focus more on football. Sara also attended swimming and dance lessons – Hiphop, Jazz & Ballet – keeping her active for many years! Out of the water, Sara likes to sing and dance, listen to music and reads as soon as she has the time to!
A message from Sara: We hope to take women’s waterpolo to the next level, and women’s sports in general. You can see our progress every year in both the league and knock out. Thank you for your support xx #VSG

Stephanie Tanti Desjardins

Born on the 21st June 1988, Stephanie has been playing waterpolo since 2013. She previously played with Neptunes, winning one league and knockout in the summers of 2013 and summer 2014. Stephanie also plays handball and has been doing so for the past 14 years. Another side hobby is music! Stephanie used to sing in a band, but also currently plays and teaches classical guitar.
Our San Giljan Ladies Team Goal Keeper was awarded the BOV player of the year 2020!
Out of the water she enjoys watching sports, sports, more sports! She also enjoys music, travelling and socialising.
A message from Stephanie: Let’s train as hard as possible to keep raising the bar of women’s waterpolo. Please support us as much as you can as we train really hard all year round. 

Shanice Cassar

Born on the 27th April 1994, Shanice has been playing waterpolo since 2013. She previously played with Neptunes for 3 years winning the Double in 2013 & Summer League in 2014. Shanice started swimming at the age of 13, where she qualified to join the National Team at the young age of 14. Finishing part of her swimming career at the age of 22, Shanice started handball a year later, which she regretfully had to terminate due to a knee injury. Shanice joined San Giljan since the beginning of our 2019 season. Out of the water, her main hobby is hitting the Gym!
Shanice’s message to our supporters: ‘With the help of the committee we are given the opportunity to train frequently and more effectively in order to help us achieve better results. As a team we are all trying our best to achieve the target we truly deserve. We thank all supporters for their constant support. Let’s all stick together and support each and every age group category including the ladies’ team. We are different from other clubs, as we all consider ourselves as ONE BIG FAMILY’

Aneliese Camilleri

Melanyia Micallef