Press Release: San Giljan ASC International Tournament

San Giljan ASC shall once again be organising its annual International Tournament between Tuesday 19th and Thursday 21st July 2011 at the newly refurbished pitch in St. Julians.

Participating teams shall be San Giljan Giuseppe’s ASC and Valletta Dhalia from Malta, Lerici Sport 1954 (Italy) and the Marco Risso Waterpolo School Selection 2011.

San Giljan ASC shall be participating in the 1st Division Waterpolo League 2011, whilst Valletta shall be competing in the 2nd Division Waterpolo League 2011 following the recently concluded preliminary round of the ASA competition.

Lerici Sport 1954 is an Italian team that participated in the Serie B Italian National League during the season 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 seasons. This is the second year in succession that Lerici have accepted the invitation to participate in this tournament.

Marco Risso, previously head coach at San Giljan for the seasons 2009 and 2010 has set up his very own waterpolo school here in Malta for the summer.

The tournament is being organised with the collaboration of the Kunsill Malti ghall-iSport (KMS) and is being sponsored by Bistro 516 of Valletta Waterfront.

The tournament shall be held at San Giljan pitch on the St. Julian’s waterfront. Entrance to watch all games is free.

John Xerri de Caro Team Manager (contact:, 9942 4404)