The Club Premises consists of a street level health based cafe, the newly refurbished Eetwell which is one of Malta’s top healthy restaurants. 

Salt & Pepper,  a bar and restaurant, caters the area beneath 7 days a week during the summer period. This also includes a members lido area which is open from 10am onwards.

There are CCTV cameras all over the Clubs premises to ensure that the whole area is surveyed, controlling any form of abuse 24/7. The impact of all this together is to make our premises as safe and enjoyable as possible. We are definitely proud of our Club house.

The waterpolo pitch is installed from the end of May till the beginning of September and is adequate for the conditions of our premises.

Moreover, the Committee Room not only serves its purpose for committee meetings and technical briefs, it also witnesses the Club’s history with the trophy showcase and a series of framed photos which show the main moments in the history of the Club.

Showers, dressing rooms and toilets are made available for Club Members and day members. There is a safety net around the waterpolo pitch intended to keep away the nasty jelly fish is installed in the Summer months.

The toilets and dressing rooms which also include disabled facilities are of high quality while the lighting system is sensor controlled.

Operators Dive Deep Blue operate the Centre from the same site occupied in the previous years. Further information may be found on the link