Easter fund raising Dinner

Location:- Water front Hotel , Gzira

Date:- Saturday, 31st March 2012

Buffet Dinner


A Various and Vast Selection of Salads in Season, marinated Meat and

Fish Dishes & Crispy Salad Leaves


Cream of Carrot & Orange Soup

Rigatoni tossed in tomato sauce, fried aubergines & bacon


Rigatoni al pesto

_____ // ______

Roast Pork Leg au jus, cinnamon & caramelized apples

Chicken Chasseur served on  abed of Vegetable Rice

Grilled Bonito served with a Bonassisi sauce

Vegetarian Deep Fried Potato and Vegetable Cakes

served on a Bed of Chunky Tomato Sauce.

Panache of mixed vegetables & Roast Herb flavored Potatoes & Creamed Potatoes

______ // _____


A Selection of mouth-watering Home Made Gateaux

Ice Creams

Fresh Fruit Salad

€ 22.00 Adults

Kids between 7 – 12 years € 10.00

Early booking is recommended. Please contact Dale on 99454248, Ivan on 99449325, Johan on 77880679, Marco on 79847422 or Peter on 99431782