San Giljan-Sliema:from the papers

Waterpolo – Bank of Valletta winter league: Sliema win tight contest against San Giljan
Article published on 19 April 2012  

San Giljan G 10

Sliema M 11



Sliema McDonalds jumped into second place when they beat San Giljan 11-10. The match was exciting with the match reaching it’s climax in the third session.

Sliema’s win was determined by their win in the first session which built a four-goal cushion tha served throughout the match.

Sliema began the match on a high note when they won the first session and built a four-goal cushion with Mark Meli scoring a hat-trick.

The difference between both teams was that San Giljan were careless in-front of goal while Sliema took the opportunities that came to them. San Giljan managed to win the second session but they could have won the session by a bigger margin as they missed the opportunities when they had their man-ups.

For San Giljan the spotlight was on Andrea Bianchi as he scored all the goals for Izzo’s team.

San Giljan won also the third session but it still wasn’t enough to equalise as the goal from Karl Galea and the brace from Andrea Bianchi weren’t enough.

Although San Giljan won the last session it wasn’t enough to save something from the match where after Soler scored the 11-8, the match was closed where the goals from Pisani and Fava were useless.