Appeal to Supporters

The Committee would like to wholeheartedly thank all supporters and followers of San Giljan Giuseppe’s attending matches at the National Pool Complex a well as the Junior Categories games. As the season progresses, we hope to see even more supporters following and urging our boys on to achieve positive results.

The Committee would also like to appeal for proper conduct and behaviour at all times…. The Club has already suffered fines incurred by the ASA this season. Fines and disciplinary measures imposed on the Club bring a financial burden as well as tarnish the image of the Club. All supporters should be aware that if they are identified in person by the ASA or ASA Security, they may also suffer personal fines and suspensions. All Clubs are being urged by the ASA to name the ‘culprits’ if these are known to us so as to avoid club fines and have action taken against them personally as required. All fans are therefore reminded to collaborate fully with the Club and urge fellow supporters who may out of line to adhere to general rules of proper conduct.

The Committee thanks all supporters in advance for their co-operation.