San Giljan Sir Alex beat Sliema 11-10: Match Statistics and From the Papers

Premier Division

Sliema Frank Salt  10

San Giljan Sir Alex 11

(4-3), (3-2), (3-4), (0-2)


Sliema Frank Salt: R Coleiro, J Gabaretta, N Lubrano (2), T Sullivan (2), M Meli, J Soler (1), G Kiss (3), E Aquilina, J Brownrigg (1), S Barac (1), D Paolella, M Spiteri Staines, D Abela


San Giljan Sir Alex:  D Camilleri, JC Cutajar (1), C Gialanze (1), K Galea, K Dowling, M Zammit (2), M Avramovic, C Spiteri Debarro (1), P Biros (3), P Fava (1), D Zammit (2)


Referees: A Sgarra, M Angileri

San Giljan Sir Alex got off their campaign to a roaring start when they defeated title contenders Sliema Frank Salt in a nail-biting encounter which was decided in the last session.

Sliema appeared to be the stronger team initially winning the first two sessions and establishing a two-goal margin at the interval but the Saints never gave up, ending worthy winners.

Sliema won the first session 4-3 with Lubrano and Kiss in evidence after Zammit had given San Giljan a 2-0 lead.

The same occurred in the second session which Sliema won 3-2 setting themselves up with a two-goal advantage at the midway point.

However San Giljan continued playing well making the most of several man up situations to win the third session 4-3 with Biros and Fava scoring at crucial moments.

The final session was a nail-biting affair with San Giljan finding the two goals they needed to win the encounter and take the three points.