Sergio Afric pledges his future to San Giljan

Club President Dr. Daniel Aquilina has confirmed that Sergio Afric has committed his future to San Giljan  and will be assuming the role of Club Head Coach as besides being the Coach of the Senior Team he will also be overseeing the Club’s junior development within a medium to long term plan which is intended to ensure a solid and sustainable technical future for the Club. In fact with immediate effect Mr. Afric will be taking under his wing the most prominent elements of the Under 20 champions squad as he will looking to introduce as many of them into the Senior Squad.

Mr Afric’s appointment witnesses the Club’s ambition following a memorable season that saw the Senior Team coached by the same Afric agonizingly close to bring back the league title to San Giljan.

Good luck Sergio we know you have what it takes to get us there!