Declaration to the press by Club President

Contacted by The Malta Independent, San Giljan president Daniel Aquilina was on the same wavelength with regard to the way the ASA Executive dismissed the club’s protest without referring it to the Board of Appeal. This is a dangerous precedent, he said, as the ASA should not act as a substitute to an independent board of appeal.

He said the decision taken by the ASA with regard to Molnar’s suspension – that is starting it the day the incidents occurred, not the day after – is bizarre. Suspensions should be calculated from the day after incidents occur, as has happened in all other similar circumstances, and not on the day they take place.

No punishment should start before the act is committed and for which a player is found guilty, Dr Aquilina argued. He said that since the league was suspended between 25 and 28 July, Molnar’s suspension should actually start on the day the competitions resumed (28 July), and not on the day when the incidents which led to the suspension occurred.