San Giljan Allcare Insurance beat Sliema-“From the Papers”

Sliema Frank Salt     9     San Giljan Allcare     12

(2-3, 3-3, 2-2, 2-4)




San Giljan avenged the identical double 9-10 losses to Sliema, and made a huge favour to neptunes, with Sliema now eight points adrift of the league leaders. San Giljan deserved their win, the only one they obtained in this Championship Pool yet.

Sliema had their custodian, Ryan Coleiro, in good form, but their attack left much to be desired, and they failed too many man ups. On the other hand, with nothing to play for, but pride, the Saints put in a polished performance. San Giljan led all the way, with Sliema going on level terms, on more than one occasion, but falling behind once more.

The Saints’ first two goals found a reaction from Sliema, but San Giljan finished the session on an odd goal lead. The Saints then went two up on a couple of occasions, but Sliema rallied back, and a brace of goals had them on an even score, but once more the Saints breached the Sliema fort, and at the interval they were ahead, on a 6-5 score.

After the break San Giljan were always i8n command, and twice had double advantages, but Sliema pulled back twice also, and when the last quarter arrived it was still San Giljan, with their noses in front, on an 8-7 score. The Saints grabbed another double lead, but a quick Slieam response had them scoring twice in less than a minute, to draw level, at 9-9. Sliema then tried to put everything in attack, but they were jolted, as the Saints s’ reaction had them hitting the back of the net twice, to fray Sliema’s nerves. After missing their last man up Sliema slumped, and young Andreas Galea swam forward to pump home the Saints’ final strike, for a more emphatic victory.

Akex radovic hit home a nap hand of goals for San Giljan, with matthew Zammit forcing in three more. Sliema had the usual Antonio petkovic with a hat trick.

Sliema: R. Coleiro, J. Gabarretta1 , N. Lubrano , T. Sullivan1 , M. Meli1 , J. Soler1 , J. Borg , C. Cluett , J. Brownrigg , N. Bugelli , I. Basara 2, A. Petkovic 3,  K. Schembri

San Giljan: D. Camilleri, C. Spiteri de Barro , A. Galea1 , B. Plumpton , K. Dowling , M. Zammit 3, A. Radovic 5, D. Zammit , K. Galea , Z. Kovacic 1, P. Fava , D. Zammit 2, J. Sammut

Referees: P. Balzan, D. Rotondano