Interleague presentation

The Interleague presentation was held on Wednesday 27th August. The event also included a pasta night which was very well attended by parents and by the children themselves. Members of the Ladies Team who also participated in this summer’s Interleague were also in attendance. All participants as well as the young swimmers who form part of the swimming school were also presented with a commemorative medal.

This year’s Interleague was indeed a great success and it brought life to the Club especially during the Saturday afternoons in which the games were played. Our appreciation goes to Committee members, Club members and other helpers who helped out refereeing, keeping the time while others helped out with the coaching. Another example that when different sectors of the Club work together, success is ensured and enjoyed by all especially by our kids who deserve the very best. It was also very positive to note that all the kids had a very sporting attitude during all matches that witnesses the sterling attitude instilled in our kids particularly by the Junior Teams coaches who coached the kids this summer namely Aleksandar Nkolic and Aurelien Cousin.

An extensive album of the occasion courtesy of Nello Calleja may be seen on