San Giljan Crystal Finance Investments in high score victory, to share top post

Exiles Ferretti 12 San Giljan Crystal Finance 19

(1-4, 3-4, 4-5, 4-6)

San Giljan didn’t take long to go and share the top spot again, in the league table, as they disposed of Exiles, as they did in the previous match against them. Exiles opted to put David Abela in goal, instead of the usual Ian Bugeja, and the Saints had young Ben Grech in lieu of Peter Borg.


A high scoring match ensued, with the Saints establishing an early advantage, at 4-1, in the opening session. Exiles were more in the picture in the next period, but San Giljan still managed to extend their lead further, as they led 8-4 at the interval.

Sean Gravina’s two goals for Exiles, after the break, brought fresh hopes to Exiles, but these were dashed as the Saints pressed to put in four goals in a row, besides other goals at both ends. At the start of the last period the Saints were on a solid 13-8 advantage. Another four-goal burst had the Saints on velvet, with goals still coming a-plenty at either end, with San Giljan on a healthy lead.

Guillermo Molina had a positive time, with seven goals for the Saints, three from penalties, and Dino zammit put in five goals more, with Boris Vapenski on a poker of goals, all for the Saints. Exiles has Romain Blary and Sean Gravina both on four goals.

Exiles: D. Abela, J. Rizzo Naudi , S. Vassallo 1, D. Pace Lupi , R. Blary 4, J. Spiteri Staines , S. Gravina 4, K. Grixti 1, I. Bugeja , A. Bianchi , M. Cuk 2, L. Peric , K. Lanzon

San Giljan: J. Sammut, B. Grech , A. Galea , B. Vapenski 4, G. Molina 7,M. Zammit 2, K. Galea , Da. Zammit , B. Plumpton , A. Cousin ,P. Fava 1, Di. Zammit 5, D. Spiteri

Referees: M. Angileri, F. Tempesta