San Giljan Crystal Finance Investments to start Championship Pool in top place

Sliema Frank Salt     6     San Giljan Crystal Finance     7

(1-0, 2-0, 1-2, 2-5)

In a wildly fluctuating game, which saw both sides failing badly in their man ups, and only recuperating in the final session, San Giljan came back from a four-goal deficit to turn the tables on Sliema. The Blues looked so composed till the interval, when their goal was still intact as they established a 3-0 advantage, with two goals from John Soler, and with the Saints missing all their six man-ups up to that point.

After the break Sliema added on another strike, through Nicky Bugelli but that was when San Giljan started their comeback.

They still failed in four more man-ups, but they managed to open their account with Dino Zammit and Guillermo Molina goals. Sliema were leading 4-2, at the start of the last quarter, but that was when San Giljan profited from their remaining man-ups. They scored two from two, and netted twice more, in a four goal burst from four different players, as they forged in front on a double advantage.

Sliema pulled a goal back, in their only instance of scoring with an extra player from seven occasions, as John soler obtained his hat trick, but he didn’t stay long in the pitch, as he was fouled out. The Saints made sure of the result in their last man up, as Aurelien Cousin scored his second goal. Jerome Gabarretta put in Sliema’s last goal, but there were only four seconds left, and San Giljan kept possession to wrest three important points from this last match of the opening phase of play.

The Premier League teams are now divided into two groups, as in the tables below, taking with them the points accrued from their matches before.

The Saints, who had already beaten Sliema in a previous league match, had three players on a brace of goals, Molina, Cousin and Dino Zammit. Sliema, who opted to leave out their second goalie, Zach Sciberras, to include Christian Cluett, who had missed their last two encounters, had skipper Soler on a hat trick, before he committed his third foul.

Sliema: R. Coleiro, J. Gabarretta 1, K. Dowling , T. Sullivan , M. Meli ,J. Soler 3, M. Spiteri Staines , C. Cluett , J. Brownrigg  , M. Bodegas ,A. Attard , N. Dedovic 1, N. Bugelli 1

San Giljan: J. Sammut, P. Borg , A. Galea , B. Vapenski 1, G. Molina 2, M. Zammit , K. Galea , Da. Zammit , B. Plumpton , A. Cousin 2, P. Fava ,  Di. Zammit 2, D. Spiteri

Referees: S. Scappini, F. Ricciotti