San Giljan Crystal Finance Investments consolidate top position with win over Sliema

Sliema Frank Salt     11    San Giljan Crystal Finance     13

(2-4, 2-3, 2-3, 5-3)

San Giljan shook off Sliema’s challenge, as they recorded their third victory over the Blues this season in as many games. The Saints were always in front, with Sliema making incursions into their deficit, but although they went quite near enough, San Giljan kept hold of the situation and they established a five-point advantage, with Neptunes having played a game less. Sliema had both their second goalie, Zach Sciberras, and Nicky Bugelli missing, with Mark Fenech again in the side.

The Saints were awarded their first penalty early on, but Guillermo Molina saw the ball slip from his grasp. Nevertheless San Giljan scored three times in a row, only for Sliema to pull two goals back. Before the end of the period Matthew Zammit gave the Saints a double advantage. The league leaders then went further in front, at 6-2. Sliema’s reply were two strikes, with Boris Vapenski scoring for the Saints in between. At the interval San Giljan were on a good 7-4 lead.

After the break Peter Borg added on a further goal for the Saints. Michael Bodegas came to the fore for Sliema. He first converted a penalty throw; then, when Sliema were awarded another penalty, Bodegas also saw the ball slide away from his hands. This letoff had San Giljan putting in two more goals, from Vapenski, one from a penalty. Alex Attard reduced the arrears for Sliema, who were still 6-10 down.

In the last quarter Attard managed two more goals for Sliema, along with another from Kai Dowling. At the other end Andreas Galea kept the Saints ahead with two strikes. When Sliema were given another penalty, this time it was Nikola Dedovic who scored. Molina restored the Saints’ three goal advantage, but in the last seconds Jerome Gabarretta scored Sliema’s last goal, for a more respectable score.

The Saints converted four times from their seven man ups, with Vapenski on a poker goals for them. Sliema had a total of twelve man ups, scoring in four of them. Alex Attard hit a hat trick of goals for them.

Sliema: R. Coleiro, J. Gabarretta 1, K. Dowling 2, T. Sullivan 1, M. Meli , J. Soler , M. Spiteri Staines , C. Cluett , J. Brownrigg  , M. Bodegas 2,A. Attard 3, N. Dedovic1 , M. Fenech 1

San Giljan: J. Sammut, P. Borg 1, A. Galea 2, B. Vapenski 4, G. Molina 1, M. Zammit2 , K. Galea , Da. Zammit , B. Plumpton , A. Cousin 1,P. Fava ,  Di. Zammit 2, D. Spiteri

Referees: M. Dalli, S. O’Brien