Annual General Meeting

The Club’s Annual General Meeting was held at the Valentina Hotel on Thursday 29th October.

Club Secretary Dr. Leonard Bonello, in his speech gave a detailed account of the Club’s life throughout this year which was indeed one of the most memorable for the Club as the Senior Team won the Double. Dr. Bonello also discussed other items such as the junior sector which also managed to achieve its objectives.


Mr. Ivan Said, the Club’s Treasurer illustrated the Financial Statement for the year while the Club President Dr. Daniel Aquilina delved more into the challenges that the Club will be facing this year and on a longer term while expressing his satisfaction for this year’s achievements. The Club President also took this opportunity to thank the Club’s Main Sponsor and the other sponsors of the Club.

Dr. Aquilina and Mr. Said were confirmed in their role while Mr. Carlo Mifsud will be replacing Dr. Bonello as Secretary as the latter will be stepping done for personal and work reasons.

Dr. Aquilina thanked Dr. Bonello as well as Mr. John Borda who will also be stepping down from the Committee. Mr. Dale Dowling, Mr. Chris Ghirxi and Mr. Marco Camilleri are the new members on the Committee while Mr. Alfredo Spiteri de Barro and Mr. Matthew Zammit will once again be serving as Committee Members.

At the end of the AGM Mr. Carm Borg, Mr. Lino Schembri and Mr. Brian Schembri were confirmed as Honorary Presidents of the Club.