San Giljan vs Sliema match ends in a tie

San Giljan Salini Resort     11     Sliema Betsson     11

(4-3, 2-1, 3-4, 2-3)

It was a thrilling match between these two sides. Both sides had their moments, with rallies coming along at either end, at different parts of the encounter. Sliema earned a point from the game, as they tied the score, from a man up situation, very late in the match. San Giljan netted half of their eight man up occasions. Sliema also scored four times, but from nine man ups. San Giljan had already beaten Sirens, with Sliema also starting with a victory, over Valletta.It was Sliema with the first advantage, with a double strike, from Jerome Gabarretta and Edward Aquilina. San Giljan stormed forward, and swept past the Blues in a four goal burst, as Clint Mercieca, Boris Vapenski, Peter Borg and Dino Zammit all netted their goals. A Marco Cuk penalty reduced Sliema’s deficit. In teh second period Gabarretta tied the score for Sliema, but Matthew Zammit and Dino Zammit goals had the champions on a 6-4 advantage, at the interval.

After the break Sliema strode ahead, piercing the Saints’ rearguard three times in succession, through Alex Attard, Gabarretta and Cuk, as they went in front. San giljan recovered their composure, with a similar reply of three goals, from Matthew Zammit, Aurelien Cousin and Mercieca, again taking a double advantage. Gabarretta had the Blues just a goal behind, at 8-9. In the last session another Cuk penalty tied the score again for Sliema. The champions forced their way through, with Mercieca and Vapenski strikes, seemingly making sure of the result. Sliema dug deep in their resources, and came up with another Cuk goal, and when they were presented with their last man up occasion, they didn’t falter, and Aquilina drove home from an angle, to salvage a point from the match. The champions’ last attempt was charged down by the Blues’ defence and the second drawn result was registered.

Clint Mercieca finished with three goals for San Giljan, and both Jerome Gabarreta and Marco Cuk obtained a poker of goals for the Sliema outfit.

San Giljan : J. Sammut , P. Borg 1, A. Galea , B. Vapenski 2, Da. Zammit , M. Zammit 2, K. Galea , C. Mercieca 3, B. Plumpton ,  A. Cousin 1,  P. Fava , D. Zammit 2, D. Camilleri

Sliema: R. Coleiro , J. Gabarretta 4, E. Aquilina 2, C. Cluett , M. Meli , J. Soler , K. Dowling , T. Sullivan , J. Brownrigg , A. Attard 1, M. Cuk  , N. Bugelli ,  Z. Sciberras

Referees: M. Dalli, F. Brasiliano