Valid experience for youths

An under 19 squad made almost entirely from under 16 and under 14 players today made its debut in the under 19 league against Neptunes at Neptunes pitch. Beyond the result that always saw Neptunes ahead and  which was never in doubt, our boys made a good effort which is likely to prove very useful in their future commitments starting from tomorrow in an under 16 fixture against Sliema. Before the under 14 squad found the going very tough against thesame Neptunes. This was no surprise as most of our boys are new to the game as most of last year’s under 14 squad moved age group. We know that in this age group the way to go is still long but looking back we can all recall how the boys who are today playing with the under 16 and under 19 teams were still learning their basics only two years ago. Worth noting in today’s matches was the performance by thirteen year old goaler Joseph Navarro who played both matches. In these days Joseph along with the other club goalkeepers is undergoing intensive training with the Partizan Belgrade goalkeepers coach who was invited by the Club Head Coach Karl Izzo to give an intensive training period to the Club’s goalkeepers.