Two heavy defeats for our juniors

This afternoon both our under 14’s and our under 19’s suffered heavy defeats from Sirens.Our Under 14’s lost 15-1. While missing the contribution of one of its key players Andrew Licari, our boys never managed to get into the game against their more experienced opponents. Our boys did not manage to overcome the age gap between them and the Sirens boys.  Age at this level is a key factor. Enough to say that only last Saturday the same boys beat Sirens Under 13’s. Today’s performance reminds us how much still needs to be done and action will be taken fast to make sure that our boys as from next year’s under 15 league will be more competitive. In the meantime we will do our utmost to enable the boys to make some immediate improvement.

The Under 19’s faced the usually difficulties and ended up losing 18-6. As we had the opportunity to mention in previous posts we are playing this league with the under 16’s and often we have to face opponents who chose to bring over some top level foreign players. So far our boys had managed to make the best out of this useful experience. However today even though Sirens were missing Dino Zammit, our boys were not up their own potential. They were too erratic and and any mistake at this level is paid dearly.