Two defeats for junior teams against Sliema

In spite of the negative results both the Under 14 and the Under 19 squads gave encouraging performances. The Under 14’s lost 15-2 against a very strong Sliema side. However, especially when comparing today’s performance with that against the same opponent in the first round the improvements are significant. After a very difficult start our boys managed to tighten their defense and coped better with Sliema’s attacks. As our low score much needs to be done in the attacking phase however it is evident that our boys are giving it their best shot under the committed coaching of Anthony Fenech.

The Under 19 side lost 17-9. Here again the start was very hard with Sliema taking a good advantage in the first session but our boys plucked up their courage and managed to fight back into the game. Later on in the game the Sliema players who are far more experienced at this level than our boys managed to regain a comfortable advantage. All in all  another positive display by our team which is always worth reminding, with the exception of Jean Claude Cutajar playing in this age group with the under 16 team.