Under 17’s beat M’Scala to finish second

This afternoon the Under 17 squad comfortably beat M’Scala 11-2 to finish the Under 17 Winter League in the second place behind winners Sirens. This is a remarkable result considering that all players of the squad are under sixteens with several players who are even younger. Moreover, the senior players that make up the squad, played this league while  undergoing very intensive land training with the senior team.

Another positive aspect was the introduction of new faces namely goaler Daniel Spiteri and players Ben Plumpton and Darren Zammit who all seem to have integrated very well with the rest of the team.

All in all a very positive first part of the season for all the squad which besides playing in the Winter League also trained very hard during training where the attendance by the boys was also very encouraging. The team was being coached by Kurt Dowling and Dean Camilleri while Club head coach Karl Izzo was always watching proceedings very closely and was in constant communication with the coaching staff and administration of the junior teams.

It is imperative to keep up all of the good work in the coming Winter months so that all the boys will peak in the summer months where they will be facing the most crucial commitments of the whole season.

An extensive gallery of today’s match may be viewed on:http://sangiljanasc.com/gallery/waterpolo-galleries/?album=1&gallery=19&nggpage=2

A final note about the Under 11 waterpolo festival held this morning. Once again a valuable and enjoyable experience for our kids even though we regret to observe that some of the other teams opted to include over age players which at the end of the day means that these festivals are not serving their purpose. This is an issue which definitely has to be brought up in the junior teams council to make sure that in the future the kids benefit fully from these festivals while ensuring that all teams play on a level playing field.