Important changes to Water Polo Competitions Format for 2013

During a meeting of Club Presidents and Council Members held on the 3rd December 2012, a number of important changes to the format of the Water Polo competitions 2013 were approved. The main characteristics of these changes are that the Preliminary Round will not be played and that play-offs are out.

The Winter League will be played on a single round-robin system. No play-offs will be played. This competition will commence early March 2013. Super Cups will be played as in 2012. The National
Water Polo Competitions shall consist of the Premier and 1st Division league and knock-out
competitions. The Premier League will be played over 3 rounds between 5 clubs. No play-offs will be played. This competition will commence early June 2013 and finish by not later than the 4th September 2013. Participation will be by application. If more than 5 clubs apply to participate in
the Premier competitions then preference will be given to the better classified clubs in the Winter League. The Knock-out Competitions will be spread out between early June and late August 2013. That is, the KOs will be spread throughout the season. The finals will probably be played on the 13th August but this still has to be confirmed. In any case, the finals will be played before the
end of the respective leagues of the same category. It has still to be decided whether the double-leg system will be maintained. The deciding factor will be whether the double legs will fit well
in the calendar for the season. The 2013 Water Polo Competition Calendar will be published and approved soon after the 4th January 2013, by which date all applications for participation will have been received.