San Giljan beat Sirens: Match Statistics and ‘From the Papers’

Sirens 6
San Ġiljan 9

(0-2, 1-2, 1-4, 4-1)





Sirens: A. Grech, G. Debono, J. Napier, P. Micallef, M. Grech, A. Sammut, J. Borg 1, D. Cutajar 1, S. Micallef, A. Attard 1, A. Zarb Cousin 1, D. Zammit 2, J. Cremona.

San Ġiljan: D. Camilleri, J.C. Cutajar 1, A. Galea, Karl Galea 2, K. Dowling 1, M. Zammit 3, Keith Galea, A. Bianchi, C. Spiteri de Barro 2, C. Gialanze, P. Fava, B. Plumpton, D. Zammit, J. Sammut, J. Galea.

Refs: M. Dalli, P. Balzan.


In the last match of the competition, San Ġiljan collected maximum points to finish behind Neptunes Emirates with an inferior goal difference but better than that of Sliema in direct encounters.

The top three teams had a total of 15 points. The Reds won the competition thanks to their superior GD (goal difference) in direct encounters. They finished on +3 while San Ġiljan and Sliema ended on +1 and -4 respectively.

Karl Izzo’s San Ġiljan had an edge in striking ability and it was no surprise that they syphoned off Sirens’ challenge which initially only had Dino Zammit posing some sort of threat.

The Saints led 4-1 at the half-way mark, with Matthew Zammit scoring a last-gasp scorcher from inside his five-metre zone to make it 8-2 at the end of the third session.

The battling Sirens fought back to cut the leeway to 9-6. But the damage had already been done. At the end of the match, the San Ġiljan captain Paul Fava was presented with the runners-up prize by ASA vice-president Alan Bonello.