San Giljan Sir Alex beat Exiles 19-11: Match Stats and ‘From the Papers’

San Giljan Sir Alex            19

Exiles Ferretti                   11

(6-3, 4-4, 6-2, 3-2)



San Giljan didn’t repeat the same failings as they did in the opening round, against Exiles, and managed to obtain a very handsome victory, as they pulled away early on in the match, leaving Exiles to chase their adversaries.

The Saints relied on four players to notch up their scores, with the two foreigners leading the pack. Exiles, who had John Paris at the helm, with regular coach, Aurelien Cousin, suspended, had their best patch late in the second session of play, but they only managed to reduce their deficit.

Peter Biros opened the score for San Giljan, with Diego Borg getting exiles level, but then the Saints went three ahead, with Dino Zammit, a Biros penalty and Marko Avramovic being the scorers. Exiles had Nicky Portelli scoring twice, but after each goal there was Avramovic and Andrea Bianchi to restore the Saints’ advantage. In the second period it was Avramovic with another penalty for the Saints, along with Matthew Zammit and Biros, as they pulled away from their opponents. Then came exiles’ recovery, with goals from Vojoslav Cupic, David Pace Lupi and Alex Radovic. Before the interval there were further strikes, from San Giljan’s Avramovic and Exiles’ Radovic, for a 10-7 scoreline.

After the break Karl Galea obtained a brace for the Saints, with Kayne Lanzon ina reply for Exiles. Dino Zammit scored another for San Giljan, with Exiles’ response coming from Julian Rizzo Naudi, Till the end of the session San Gilkan strode away with further goals from Dino Zammit, Galea and Avramovic, as the score went up to 16-9.

In the last quarter Joseph Sammut went in goal for the Saints, vice Dean Camilleir. Galea scored for San Giljan, who then lost Matthew zammit on fouls. Biros added on two further goals, with Exiles having a reply each time, through Peter Borg and Cupic, as the game then petered out quietly, with San Giljan cruising home.

The Saints scored in all of their first seven man ups, but failed in their last one. Exiles were not so prolific, with two goals in eight man ups.

San Giljan: D. Camilleri, JC Cutajar , C. Gialanze , K. Galea 4, J. Sammut , M. Zammit 1, M. Avramovic 5, A. Bianchi 1, C. Spiteri de Barro, P. Biros 5, P. Fava, D. Zammit 4, M. Pisani

Exiles: I. Bugeja, J. Rizzo Naudi 1, S. Vassallo , D. Zammit Lupi 1, N. Portelli 2, A. Radovic 2, J. Spiteri Staines , V. Cupic 2, K. Grixti , P. Borg 1, S. Galea Pace , D. Borg 1, K. Lanzon 1

Referees: A. De Raffaele, S. Scappin