Membership Scheme Season 2014

At the AGM held on Friday 18th October a resolution was taken to have a standard membership for San Giljan ASC that included only the right to form part of the committee, the right to attend and vote at the General Meetings and the right to nominate persons to the committee.

The resolution also envisaged that this membership excluded the use of the facilities at the premises.

The committee during a meeting held on 12th November 2013 and in line with the statute, resolved that the membership fee for 2013-14, as stipulated within the amended statute shall be €25 per person.

We urge all Giljanizi to continue to form part of the San Giljan ASC family and to contribute with their membership in order to see the Club grow stronger and to build on the performances on the season 2013.

Membership Form Season 2013-14




Name:             _______________________________________              ID No: ___________________

Surname:        _______________________________________


Address:         _______________________________________




Telephone Number: _______________________ Mobile Number:         ______________________


E-mail address:          ______________________________________________________________




Membership scheme:                       Member          €25     □