San Giljan beat Valletta-‘From the Papers’

San Giljan Allcare     15     Valletta McDonalds     13

(5-4, 5-2, 2-3, 3-4)




The Saints improved on the points they carried with them, from the group games, but they were given a hrad time by the Citizens, who came back several tims from four goal deficits. What kept Valletta back were the four failed man ups, contrary to San Giljan, who managed four goals from six man ups.

The Saints included Keith Galea instead of young Ben Plumpton, and Valletta had Nicky Bonello Ghio in lieu of skipper, Simon Cachia. The Saints were always in front, and they had the edge over their opponents, but they could never felt safe, with the Citizens returning time after time.

Valletta twice drew level, after double goal deficits in the opening session, but suffered a last second strike from Paul Fava. Three San Giljan goals in a row, in the second period,  helped them to a 10-6 advantage till the interval, but Valletta were more adventurous after the break, as they drew fractionally nearer, to 9-12 behind. They went closer still in the last session, even though they lost their mentor, Anthony Farrugia, ejected from the game, after hot protests against the officials. Once more the Saints went four in front, and began to breathe easier, but the Citizens replied with late strikes, to keep the Saints on their toes till the end.

San Giljan had Matthew Zammit and Zejlko Kovacic with four goals apiece, and Dino Zammit with a hat trick. For Valletta both Michael Spiteri Staines and Djorde Filipovic scored a poker of goals.

San Giljan: D. Camilleri, C. Spiteri de Barro , A. Galea , K. Galea 1, K. Dowling 1,  M. Zammit 4, A. Radovic 1, A. Bianchi , K. Galea , Z. Kovacic 4,  P. Fava 1, D. Zammit 3, J. Sammut

Valletta: R. Sciortino, R. Mock , M. Spiteri Staines 4, M. Korolija 2, D. Abela ,  N. Bonello Ghio , M. Cordina 1, C. Zammit 1, C. Debono , R. Scerri , D. Paolella , D. Filipovic 4, M. Rizzo 1

Referees: P. Balzan, D. McKerr