San Giljan beat Sirens-“From the Papers”

Sirens Ritter Sport     8     San Giljan Allcare     13

(1-4, 3-2, 2-3, 2-4)




The Saints made sure of topping the table on their own, with their victory over Sirens, where the opening session had a big bearing. San Giljan scored four times, after conceding the opening goal, but Sirens then more than held their own in the next two sessions, to keep in touch with their opponents. In the last quarter the saints then netted three times in succession, to make the issue safe, with Sirens drawing fractionally nearer till the end of the match.

The saints held off their adversaries till the interval, when Sirens had gone near, on a 4-6 score, and at the start of the third period San Giljan lost Paul Fava, ejected from the game, as Sirens went to within a goal, at 5-6. The Saints restored their advantage till the end of the session, on a 9-6 score, and three more strikes in the last session put paid to Sirens’ hopes.

San Giljan’s Alex Radovic scored five times, with a reply from Sirens’ Christian Presciutti, with a hat trick of goals.

San Giljan will go into the Premier League with a total of six points, and Sirens will start with three points.

Sirens: N. Grixti, Z. Mizzi 2, C. Presciutti 3, G. Pace , M. Grech , C. Kiss 1, M. Caruana , D. Cutajar 2, J. Napier , E. Aquilina , L. Caruana , A. Sammut , M. Pisani

San Giljan: D. Camilleri, C. Spiteri de Barro , A. Galea , K. Galea 2, K. Dowling 1, M. Zammit 2, A. Radovic 5, A. Bianchi , B. Plumpton , Z. Kovacic 1,  P. Fava , D. Zammit 2, J. Sammut

Referees: M. Angileri, F. Romolini