San Giljan beat Sliema on Winter League opening day

Sliema Frank Salt 5 San Giljan ASC 8 (2-2), (0-2), (2-1), (1-3)

San Giljan achieved an important first victory when they got the better of Sliema Frank Salt with an 8-5 scoreline.

Sliema took a two goal lead in the first session through Aquilina and Gabaretta but San Giljan stormed back to equalize through Mercieca and Plumpton. The Saints won the second session 2-0 with goals coming from Matthew Zammit and Cousin for a two goal lead at the halfway point.

Sliema won the third session 2-1 with Gabaretta and Aquilina scoring for the Blues and Zammit replying for San Giljan. However San Giljan reinforced their advantage winning 3-1 in the final session for an 8-5 final scoreline.

Sliema: R Coleiro, J Gabaretta (2), E Aquilina (3), C Cluett, M Meli, K Dowling, M Fenech, T Sullivan, J Brownrigg, A Attard, D Fenech, N Bugelli, Z Sciberras

San Giljan: J Sammut, P Borg (1), A Galea, J Galea, D Zammit (1), M Zammit (2), K Galea, C Mercieca (1), B Plumpton (1), A Cousin (1), P Fava, D Zammit, D Camilleri