San Giljan end first phase of league with a win

Exiles Jetfreight     7     San Giljan Salini Resort     13

(3-4, 2-3, 1-3, 1-3)

The champions had to get back to their one point deficit in the league table, in this last match of the first phase of play. They encountered some difficulty at the start, with Exiles proving to be a nuisance, as they stayed close to their opponents till the interval. San Giljan then managed to ease away after the break, and opened up their advantage, to amble through this match, as the twin prongs of Boris Vapenski and skipper, Matthew Zammit, blasted in nine goals between them, to subdue their adversaries.  Exiles had Sean Gravina suspended from their last match, his place taken by Luca Felice. Darren Zammit was back for the champions. Man up wise, exiles scored in two out of their five occasions. San Giljan fared quite well, converting five from seven.
Milos Vukicevic opened the scoring for exiles, who then fell behind to Peter Borg and a Boris Vapenski penalty. The score was overturned once more, as exiles netted through Andrea Bianchi and Kurt Grixti. The champions gained another advantage, this time with Matthew Zammit and Andreas Galea strikes. In teh second session a brace of Matthew Zammit specials had San Giljan on a better advantage, but Vukicevic pulled a goal back for Exiles. Zammit again scored for the Saints, with Nicky Paris netting for exiles, before the interval, with San Giljan on a double advantage, at 7-5.
 After the break Grixti had Exiles just a goal behind, but then San Giljan extended their lead, as Ben Plaumpton and another two Vapenski penalties, took the Saints to a 10-6 lead, going into the last period. The game was then definitely won for the champions, as Aurelien Cousin and Vapenski scored for San Giljan. Vukicevic obtaines his hat trick for exiles, with Vapenski crowning a good performance, with his fifth personal strike in the match, as the saints now prepare to defend their league title won last season, in the forthcoming Championship Pool matches, after the BOV Premier prelimiunary K.O. games will be played at the weekend.
Exiles: I. Bugeja , J. Rizzo Naudi , S. Vassallo , D. Pace Lupi , D. Borg Millo , E. Gravina , L. Felice , K. Grixti 2, N. Paris 1, A. Bianchi 1,  G. Ciappara ,  M. Vukicevic 3, K. Lanzon
S. Giljan: J. Sammut , P. Borg 1, A. Galea 1, B. Vapenski 5, D. Zammit ,  M. Zammit 4, K. Galea , C. Mercieca , B. Plumpton 1, A. Cousin 1, P. Fava , D. Zammit , D. Camilleri
Referees: M. Angileri, A. Barletta