San Giljan loose top-table clash

Neptunes Grimaldi     10  San Giljan Salini Resort     6
(3-0, 4-4, 1-1, 2-1)

Played in front of a large crowd. this top of the table clash went decisively Neptunes’ way, thanks to a three goal start. The Saints did get back on level terms, but they were jolted back to reality, when Neptunes obtained another three goal advantage. San Giljan couldn’t get back one more time, with Neptunes closing down the way to their goal. When the Saints did they found a reliable Alan Borg Cole to thwart them, between the Neptunes’ posts.

This was an important step for Neptunes to claim back the league title they had lost last season, after a five year dominance. Also important is the fact that these two teams will meet again next Saturday, in the BOV K.O. final. Man up wise there was not much to choose from, with neptunes converting four from nine, with the champions scoring one less from the same number of expulsions.

Neptunes began the match in a workmanlike manner, putting in three goals in succession, from skipper, Niki Lanzon, and a brace by Steve Camilleri. Till the end of the session the Saints were three times a man up, but failed to score in all three. In teh next period the champions managed to do what they failed to do before, with a three goal blitz, from Peter Borg, Aurelien Cousin and a Boris Vapenski penalty. They were level, but not for long, as Neptunes strode forward once again, netting four times to their opponents’ one, to claim another three-goal advantage by the interval, at 7-4. It was Steve Camilleri, Marc Lanzon, Jordan Camilleri and Cosmin Radu to push Neptunes further ahead, with Peter Borg replying with his sole strike, for San Giljan.