San Giljan-Sliema:Match details and From the Papers

San Giljan Giuseppe’s 5

Sliema McDonalds 9

(1-4, 1-3,1-1, 2-1)

San Giljan: D. Camilleri, JC Cutajar, D. Abela, K. Galea 2, K. Dowling, M. Zammit 1, B. Letica, A. Bianchi 1, R. Mock, C. Gialanze, P. Fava, B. Rath 1, M. Pisani.

Sliema: I. Gergely, J. Gabarretta 1, N. Lubrano, P. Privitera 2, M. Meli 2, J. Soler, D. Paolella, J. Brownrigg, C. Debono, F. Salamon 2, C. Cluett, M. Spiteri Staines 1, R. Coleiro.

Referees: M. Angileri, F. Ricciotti.


San Giljan’s expected thrust towards the top of the table didn’t materialise and they were ably held in check by a more prepared Sliema outfit.

The Blues started to open up their advantage when the Saints began to waste their man ups and a three goal first session lead was improved upon by the determined Sliema players with San Giljan unable to match their adversaries.

A 7-2 interval score had Sliema on velvet and the Saints were in no condition to offer any suitable alternatives to their play.

They also lost the punch of Matthew Zammit on fouls with Sliema more intent on containing their opponents than going for goal with San Giljan opting to put David Abela between the posts instead of Dean Camilleri.

The game then petered out into a tame finish broken only by a couple of Karl Galea strikes for the Saints which only brought them a more respectable scoreline.

The Saints were on a three from eleven man ups with the Blues slightly better with four goals from nine expulsions. The goals at both ends were evenly shared with no high scores registered from individual players.

Sliema are now fully six points above San Giljan and four in front of Neptunes with the latter side having a game played a game fewer.


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