3rd place playoff: Sirens 14-San Giljan 11

In the opening match, valid only for a meaningless third place, Sirens Ritter Sport defeated San Ġiljan Giuseppe’s 14-11 in a clash which was also stretched to two extra mini-sessions.

Sirens thus take the lead in a best-out-three play-off. The sporting criteria had to be respected despite the relative unimportance of the match and both teams obliged in this respect.

They went about their chores in a tensionless manner in front of a handful of spectators whose number grew as the game drew to a close.

The Saints were off to a better start, taking a 3-1 lead at the end of the opening quarter. Their advantage was maintained in the next session which had the teams sharing six goals. One of these conversions was a stunning backhand from Filip Trajkovic which left the returning Sirens custodian Joseph Sammut motionless.

In a high-scoring third quarter, the Northenders recouped the leeway when they netted five times to their opponents’ three. A feature of this session was Charlie Zammit’s hat-trick, with the goals being scored from seven metres.

Two goals were netted in a low-scoring last session with the score remaining on parity. With Paul Fava out for good in the fourth session and Karl Galea meted out the same treatment in extra-time, Sirens finally turned the tables through Zammit’s fifth goal and Clint Mercieca’s brace which completed his hat-trick.

Sirens 14
San Ġiljan 11
(aet – 1-3, 3-3, 5-3, 1-1, 2-1, 2-0)

Sirens: J. Sammut, A. Attard, N. Grixti, P. Borg 1, C. Kiss 2, R. Mock 1, J. Borg 1, D. Cutajar, G. Kristonosic, C. Zammit 5, L. Caruana, D. Zammit 1, C. Mercieca 3.

San Ġiljan: D. Camilleri, J.C. Cutajar, N. Sutic 3, K. Galea 1, F. Trajkovic 3, K. Dowling, L. Grixti, A. Bianchi 1, M. Borg Spiteri 1, C. Gialanze 1, P. Fava 1, A. Galea, K. Schembri.

Refs: R. Spiteri, I. Sciriha.

Source: www.timesofmalta.com