Very good performance by Under 19’s…Under 14’s beaten heavily

This afternoon both squads played against Neptunes. The Under 19’s gave one of the best displays of the season in a crescendo which shows clearly that the boys have improved as a unit and also individually along the league. Today they managed to obtain a very respectable 17-14 result against a strong Neptunes squad made up predominantly of older boys while Neptunes also included two foreigners in their squad.

On the other hand the Under 14 squad found the going against Neptunes very tough and went down by the heavy score of 27-1. Even though the opponent is undoubtedly a very strong one more is to be expected from our boys who failed to live up to the game. Especially more is expected from the more experienced members of the team while it is worth noting that once again coach Anthony Fenech gave the opportunity to several young boys some even under tens to play a part in the game.